nv Galle Linen

As belgian flax growers and scutchers since decages, we have been building up practical experience in al hemp, (oil)flax or kenaf harvesting and processing aspects.


Galle Linen assists you in developping your bast fiber processing project for all kind of fibers - very short to long - on budgetfriendly and economical basis. Even in your search for any kind of individual decortication devices or small line compositions for fiber preparation and hurd or seed cleaning, we will try to offer the best option.


If you might be interested in second hand equipment, please consult our offers on second hand section of this website or take direct contact.


To work out and design turn-key projects and new installations, we are cooperating with VANHAUWAERT & CO, manufacturer of bast fiber decortication machines, dedusting installations, seed and core cleaning units.


Galle Natural Fibers


Full autom. packaging line for flax and hemp shives

  • full autom. packaging line for flax and hemp shives (see ‘second hand’)