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Now :   U  N  I  Q  U  E     O  F  F  E  R  


complete nearly new decortication line


Hemp installation :

- situated in Belgium

- low energy consumption and long lasting line

- fiber purity up to 98 %

- input of square or round straw bales

- cleaned shives


See  video and  images : 'second - hand'

For information :  info@gallenaturalfibers.be





For generations now, we are belgian flax growers and long fiber scutchers.  Our long practical experience makes us quite familiar with all aspects of harvesting and fiber preparation.


Besides the ecological properties of oil seed flax and hemp, these utmost sustainable crops merit to be upgradet to useful natural fiber products for multiple environmentfriendly applications.


Since a few years, GALLE LINEN is also involved in oil seed flax and hemp straw processing, to create added value for these crops.


GALLE LINEN extands his expertise in developping  and setting up fiber processing projects (long, short and total fiber preparation), with budgetfriendly and low-energy input.


Even if you intend to upgrade partialy your processing facility or to replace single machine, we search for the best solution to integrate second hand and/or new equipment in your -long or short -  fiber,  shives or seed cleaning department.


To work out and design turn-key projects and new installations, we are cooperating with VANHAUWAERT & CO  - manufacturer of bast fiber decortication machines, dedusting installations, seed and core cleaning units.

Galle Natural Fibers